Resources for Careers/Military Service

The New Hampshire GEAR UP Alliance helps students navigate all post-school options, including entry into the workforce or military service. Resources focus on social and skill development for post-school success, as well as career exploration. You’ll find information on building a career path, finding local connections, exploring technical school, and enlisting in the armed forces.

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El Libro de Navegación

Una guía para estudiantes de tercer y cuarto año de escuela secundaria para navegar sus próximos pasos después de graduarse de la escuela secundaria. Esta guía tiene información como aplicar a una escuela de cuatro años, dos años o técnica; encontrar ayuda financiera; e ingresar a la fuerza laboral o al servicio militar. Lee el Libro de Navegación. 

The College Access Chronicles

As part of the New Hampshire GEAR UP Alliance’s goal to prepare students for college and careers after high school, The College Access Chronicles delves into the minds of professionals out in the world, asking them to share their journey to success and what advice they have for students paving their own path. Find all of our episodes and listen in here.

GEAR UP Navigate Book

A guide for juniors and seniors as they navigate their next steps after high school graduation. Information covers applying to a four-year, two-year, or technical school; accessing financial aid; and entering the workforce or military service. Read the Navigate Book.

Career Awareness & Exploration

A website created by GEAR UP Manchester to help educators and students explore career options. Students learn to research career pathways based on their values and interests, including setting and achieving goals. Lesson plans also include guidance on academic planning, financial planning, life and work skills, and more. Visit the website.

New Hampshire Scholars

A community-based program that encourages students to take a more rigorous core course of study in high school. Coursework is designed to support transition to the college or vocational training necessary to enter today’s job market. Visit New Hampshire Scholars.


A personalized career exploration platform to help high school students find their career pathway. All New Hampshire schools in the GEAR UP Alliance will use this platform. Explore Awato.