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Support from families and caregivers is an important part of students’ school experience. Students who have adults involved in their education are more likely to do well in school.

The New Hampshire GEAR UP Alliance offers many opportunities for families to get involved. We also offer resources and support to help you navigate students’ school programs and post-school options.

I am excited that this program introduces college to students so young. It is great that you have them think about what they want to do with their adult lives and how to begin to achieve that.

— GEAR UP parent

Support for Success in School

Opportunities to help your student succeed in school go beyond volunteering in the classroom. Helping with homework, talking with teachers, and discussing your student’s education goals are hugely important. You can also take advantage of GEAR UP resources to help your student get the most from school.

The New Hampshire GEAR UP Alliance works directly with our families and caregivers as well as with students. Services available through GEAR UP include:

  • Translation services to help in understanding school materials and requirements.
  • One-to-one advising and academic support.
  • Family/community nights.
  • “Watch with Us Wednesdays” with videos exploring timely topics.
  • A Family Advisory Board that reviews GEAR UP events and initiatives, community opportunities, and family-identified issues.

College and Career Readiness

Preparing for college and careers should start early. Discussing options with students throughout their years in school can help them reach their goals, whatever path they choose.

The New Hampshire GEAR UP Alliance is here to help you prepare your student for what comes after high school. GEAR UP offers families and caregivers:

  • Information sessions on college, career, and enlistment options.
  • Guidance on college preparation.
  • Help in coordinating campus tours.
  • Advice and resources on financial aid and scholarships.
  • Office hours to discuss individual needs.
School bulletin board with the words "college blooms here" and flags from New Hampshire colleges & universities

For more information to help explore your student’s path, see our resources for families. You can also contact our Family and Community Outreach Specialist using the contact form here.

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